acceleron serves small and medium sized vendors of mobile communications products and services. Whether you are a company in the Americas wanting to penetrate into EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), or you are a company in the UK or Europe wanting to penetrate into Middle East, Africa or Latin America, acceleron services are for you. These are the services that can accelerate your business:

Market Research and Analysis

Emerging markets are growing rapidly; the opportunity for companies providing telecoms solutions, in particular in mobile communications, is vast. However, market dynamics change from one region to another due to political, socio-economic and cultural forces. To understand this, plus the size of the market and who the major players are, it is vital to be able to define the right entry strategies. If you are resource constrained and you require an external source to do the research and analysis, acceleron can help.

Market Planning and Execution

Raising market awareness of your company, your solutions and the benefits they deliver; establishing credibility across the target market; creating end user demand; strengthening your brand image; whichever your goal is, acceleron can help you define and execute the marketing strategies that will help you succeed in the target market. Whether you want to implement a short term project or need an expert to run your marketing practice but can’t justify hiring somebody full-time, we can help.

Channel Set-Up and Management

Regardless of the type of solutions you provide and the markets you wish to target, leveraging other companies’ geographical reach and market presence will give you faster and more cost-effective entry to new markets. acceleron’s vast network of contacts within telecoms across the markets covered, combined with the experience of setting up and managing channel partner programmes, will help you achieve rapid and effective market entry.

New Business Development

One of the main challenges any small business faces is to build a pipeline of qualified sales opportunities. When trying to enter a new, often unknown market, the task can be daunting. With years of experience selling telecoms solutions throughout Middle East, Africa and Latin America, acceleron can help you find new prospects. Whether you want us to focus on just finding and qualifying new sales opportunities or whether you also want us to drive them to a close, we are here to help.